The Job Board

Having trouble motivating your character to move on to the next town? Bored of writing the same "looking for" story over and over? Perhaps you just want to throw a few curveballs into your peaceful journey?

The Job Board is for you!

This is an optional tool you can use to generate a random prompt to add a bit more spice to your thread. Simply select a category of Job you'd be interested in, hit the "View Some Jobs" button, and a few suggestions will appear. If any of them strikes your fancy make a mention of it in your journey thread as an OOC note and the mods will try and incorporate it into the ongoing story. It won't affect the odds of any encounters, but it can make the ones you do find that much more interesting!

If you don't like any of the Jobs that show up hit that button again! Alternatively, write your own and post it as a suggestion here!

Write-up credit to Jenesis

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