Earl's Pokemon Academy

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No New Posts How to Play: Basics - 3 Viewing

Read our trainer guide first to learn how to play.

3 7 Group Roleplaying & Thread Limitations
by Lamont
May 30, 2022 2:44:40 GMT 11
No New Posts Handbooks - 2 Viewing

Reference lists, tables, and guides helpful for the more interactive activities such as Fishing, Berry Growing, Happiness, and more!

8 23 ZZ Pokemon Availability List
by Marchbaby
Jan 7, 2024 7:42:46 GMT 11
No New Posts Extracurricular

The more crunchy information that isn't necessary to know, but available to those curious about it. It is mostly mod-relevant information.

5 9 How To: SOS
by Lamont
May 7, 2017 6:33:35 GMT 11
No New Posts Announcements and News - 1 Viewing

Visit here often to keep up to date with what is happening at ZapdosZulu.

222 3,991 Lady Catherine's Pink-purri
by Lamont
Feb 26, 2024 3:22:28 GMT 11

Pokémon Network Center

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No New Posts Character Profiles - 18 Viewing

You must be registered and activated to create a character. Once your character is accepted, a box will be created for you and you can start your journey.

Moderator: Moderator

Sub-boards: Registered Trainers, Bill's PC, Your First Pokémon, Inactive Characters

1,717 6,044 Evelyn Scott [WIP]
by MPG ~ Snover Enthusiast
Feb 26, 2024 4:07:53 GMT 11
No New Posts Trainer Shops - 1 Viewing

Open your own retail outlet where you can trade or haggle for Pokemon, items or whatever else you own.

104 6,614 Umbrella Dreams & Finer Things [Updated Jan. 21st]
by ❤ Aphrodite ❤
Feb 26, 2024 16:58:11 GMT 11
No New Posts Find an RP Partner

You may form your own badass mob to keep you company on your Pokémon adventure, or maybe you want a place to RP a trade.

42 371 Detective Wannabe Plotter
by Fox
Feb 3, 2024 8:26:10 GMT 11
No New Posts Trade Center

Looking for a Pokémon that’s currently out of your reach? Planning to swap your Shellos for your friend’s Spinarak? The Trade Center is the place to sort out anything trade-related.

Moderator: Moderator

Sub-board: Completed

118 949 Organized Trade: Adrian and Trixie
by Pixel
Feb 25, 2024 15:58:24 GMT 11
No New Posts Chatter

Chatter: A social network where characters can connect and interact through digital media.

14 33 Tikikala's Social Media apps.
by Tiki
Feb 1, 2024 14:05:05 GMT 11

Prof. Oak's Lab

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No New Posts Moderation Center

Here is where you can notify moderators of things that need attention. Request updates to your nurseries or character outside of journey posts, ask questions, or even give some thanks to a job well done.

Sub-board: Archives

598 15,616
No New Posts Battle Database

The place to run & store Universal RP thread battles.

Sub-board: Stored Battles

329 1,700 Silas and Shinya Shrine Boss Battle
by Venominon
Feb 25, 2024 16:51:02 GMT 11
No New Posts Game Corner - 3 Viewing

Welcome to the Game Corner! Here you can purchase coins, play games, and exchange your coins for exclusive prizes! See the sub-boards for details about each game type.

Moderator: Moderator

Sub-boards: The Hi-Lo Game, Slot Machines, Roulette Game, Selfdestruct Four, Archives

272 45,730 Casino Fountain
by kito
Feb 26, 2024 23:44:10 GMT 11
No New Posts The Pokéathlon Dome

Located west of the National Park, this impressive dome is responsible for holding a number of exciting fast-paced competitions. Compete against your friends in order to win some extraordinary prizes. These require sign ups prior to participating.

Current events include:
Bug Catching Contest
Gogoat Racing
Fishing Contest

Moderator: Moderator

Sub-board: Archives

128 31,886 Watchhog Week Tug of War [2024]
by Fox
Feb 7, 2024 5:05:02 GMT 11


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No New Posts New Bark Town - 2 Viewing

The first town in Johto is also where Professor Elm's Laboratory is located. Just across the sea to the east is Kanto. Along the homestretch is a lot of grass and also, a lot of Pidgeys!

Sub-boards: Archives, Quests

969 15,903 The One Who Cheated Death! Clementine the Zombie Princess!
by Venominon
Feb 26, 2024 16:29:16 GMT 11
No New Posts Cherrygrove City - 9 Viewing

Cherrygrove is a rather small city with an appealing name. There are Quagsire Preservation Restrictions here that ensure the purity of the city's water resource.

Sub-boards: Archives, Quests

435 10,821 We've Got A Job To Do!
by Tarlar
Feb 27, 2024 0:30:24 GMT 11
No New Posts Violet City - 1 Viewing

The city at the end of the colour spectrum is home to resident Gym Leader Falkner. Also located here is Sprout Tower, where several sages and mediums gather to revere the Pokémon Bellsprout. You can obtain TM70 (Flash) here.

Sub-boards: Archives, Quests, Ruins of Alph, Dark Cave

376 8,656 Fears and Insecurities [BIKE]
by Caramell 🍬
Feb 26, 2024 8:56:18 GMT 11
No New Posts Azalea Town - 1 Viewing

Once you have passed Union cave, you can enter this town, home to Kurt, who makes different kinds of Pokéballs out of Apricorns. Slowpoke Well can also be found here but watch out for Team Rocket.

Sub-boards: Archives, Quests, Ilex Forest

148 4,550 Dense Thicket
by Pixel
Feb 25, 2024 7:08:26 GMT 11
No New Posts Goldenrod City - 12 Viewing

The city's renowned Radio Tower broadcasts all across the Pokémon world. The Magnet Train, Game Corner and gigantic Department Store make it one of the most advanced and popular cities. Also look out for the famous people who choose to live here.

Sub-boards: Archives, Quests, National Park, Radio Tower, Goldenrod CBD, Goldenrod Tunnel

147 5,618 Caught in the Crowd [BFY/MOD]
by ❤ Aphrodite ❤
Feb 26, 2024 16:00:48 GMT 11
No New Posts Ecruteak City

A city that yields a rich history. Ecruteak is perhaps most prominent for its two towers; Tin Tower in the North-East and Burned Tower in the North-West. Whether you are visiting to watch the Kimono Girls dance or to seek Morty and his Ghost Pokémon, Ecruteak is sure to be a spiritual journey.

Sub-boards: Archives, Quests, Dream Seer, Kimono Dance Theatre, Burned Tower

65 1,384 Dancing Bees to Swaying Flowers [F]
by Tiki
Feb 20, 2024 2:00:50 GMT 11
No New Posts Olivine City

Johto's port city is the gateway to the sea. The S.S. Aqua docks at the harbour and charters a course to Kanto twice a week. But perhaps Olivine is most famous for its grand Glitter Lighthouse, which provides a beacon of hope for ships navigating the perilous whirlpool-infested seas surrounding Whirl Islands.

Sub-boards: Archives, Quests, Glitter Lighthouse, The Battle Frontier

24 298 21. Surfside Secret [Bike 🚲]
by Tiki
Feb 25, 2024 11:43:12 GMT 11
No New Posts Cianwood City - 1 Viewing

"A Port Surrounded by Rough Seas!" The only way to access this city is by HM(03)- Surf. Tales of Lugia and Whirl Islands to the east circulate among the sailors that stop at this port. The grand opening of the Safari Zone has rekindled some activity in this once dwindling settlement.

Sub-boards: Archives, Quests, Whirl Islands, Safari Zone

42 1,446 The hunt continues (Savannah)
by Pixel
Jan 30, 2024 7:05:02 GMT 11
No New Posts Mahogany Town

Mahogany Town is located in the northern foothills of Johto, flanked on all sides by mountains and caves. Where once it was an ancient hideaway for ninjas, another shady organisation is plotting a sinister scheme involving Johto's largest lake; the Lake of Rage.

Sub-boards: Archives, Quests, Mt. Mortar, Lake of Rage, Ice Path

9 113 Lake Of Rage Guide
by Lamont
Sept 15, 2021 14:03:17 GMT 11
No New Posts Blackthorn City

The masters of Dragon Pokémon have resided in this "quiet mountain retreat" for many generations. Their ancestors built Dragon's Den, a cavern etched out of the the very same mountain range as Ice Path. It is rumoured that only a trainer that has proved their worth to the clan may enter the ancestral domain of the Dragon Pokémon.

Sub-boards: Archives, Quests, Dragon's Den, Dark Cave

4 5 Information
by Professor Oak
Jun 7, 2015 3:41:49 GMT 11

Pokémon World - Real Estate, Infrastructure and Services

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No New Posts National Johto Pokémon Breeding Facility - 2 Viewing

The NJPBF employs the latest technologies and conducts groundbreaking research in order to raise Johto's next generation of Pokémon.

Moderator: Moderator

Sub-boards: March, Tiki, Lamont, Tarlar, Thirdie, Caramell, Jenesis, Aphrodite, Goni, Avalon, Pixel

40 2,534 Adoption Centre
by Pixel
Feb 26, 2024 11:46:36 GMT 11
No New Posts Houses and Estates - 8 Viewing

Build your very own palace or mansion or maybe just a small cottage to retire in. The ZapdosZulu Housing Commission serves all your housing needs.

Sub-boards: Estate Archives, Pokémon Mansion, Marchbaby's Underground Base, Burke & Bentley Residence, Tea Zing Apothecary, Mizuma Education Center , Crownjewel Castle, Team Skull's First Johto Base, Healing Hearts Ranch, Stardust Observatory, Glittermoore's End, Johto Hot Springs and Spa

198 3,759 I swear I'm not a thief! Just a night noctowl! [Orchard]
by Tiki
Feb 26, 2024 23:52:16 GMT 11
No New Posts International Police Force HQ - 1 Viewing

"Honor, Service, Integrity, Respect, Trust, Courage, Duty".

Moderator: Moderator

Sub-boards: Applications, Missions, Records

21 250 Like a Tauros in a Chinashop [Subterranean Sabotage] [Mod]
by Pixel
Feb 16, 2024 12:19:26 GMT 11
No New Posts Team Rocket Headquarters

"Steal Pokémon for profit. Exploit Pokémon for profit. All Pokémon exist for the glory of Team Rocket."

Moderator: Moderator

Sub-boards: Applications, Missions, Archives

55 614 The Captive [Operation: Dig]
by Caramell 🍬
Feb 26, 2024 7:47:04 GMT 11
No New Posts Pokémon Escapade

A place where your Pokémon can band together and embark on their own little adventures around Johto! Gain levels and earn rewards for your main journey. You may even encounter special Pokémon!

Sub-board: Archives

22 215 What are you syncing about? (Open)
by Marchbaby
Feb 9, 2024 17:56:29 GMT 11


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No New Posts Current Event

No events are currently running.

Sub-board: Event Subboard

0 0 No posts have been made on this board.
No New Posts Previous Event

Once an event is complete unfinished threads will be moved here to give busy members time to finish them; but they won't stay forever!

Currently hosting: Paldea Festival
Archives on: TBA

6 66
No New Posts Ultra Power Spot

On an island just beyond Johto investigators have discovered a very peculiar volatile space not unlike the chaos of the Whirl Islands, but in the sky! Rips in space and time have started bringing all kinds of bizarre and giant pokemon.

5 223 No One Expects the Paldea Raid Boss [Aphro]
by ❤ Aphrodite ❤
Feb 26, 2024 17:42:55 GMT 11

Global Terminal

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No New Posts Community Bulletin

Have an announcement to share with the community? Here's the place to post it. Promote anything onsite or draw attention to related events off-site, or let your fellows know you'll be away for a while.

326 1,485 Sporadic Activity
by Tiki
Jan 18, 2024 22:15:33 GMT 11
No New Posts Member Suggestions

A place here members can suggest, discuss, and develop improvements to the site.

29 186 Fairy Trail Idea
by Jenesis
Feb 2, 2024 3:31:13 GMT 11
No New Posts Reception: General Chat - 4 Viewing

You can talk to about any topic you like. It does not even have to be Pokemon-related.

Sub-boards: Entertainment Board, Pkmn Game Discussion, General Pkmn Discussion, Forum Games

903 62,506 The Person Below Me Game!
by MPG ~ Snover Enthusiast
Feb 26, 2024 23:11:49 GMT 11
No New Posts The Rainbow Zulu

The Rainbow Zulu is a café where artists, writers, poets and the like often gather to exhibit their works and explore the furthest expanses of their imagination.

Sub-boards: Members' Gallery, Other Pokémon Roleplays, Unrelated RPs, Literature Lounge

209 1,349 Phoenix Nest of Whatever Art
by AshenPhoenix
Feb 25, 2024 9:40:54 GMT 11
No New Posts Advertising/Affiliation

Advertise your website here. This area is open to guests. We're currently not taking any Affiliation requests.

Sub-boards: First Timers, Linking Back

2,827 3,686 Medieval High Fantasy
by Tales of Charon
Feb 20, 2024 9:52:38 GMT 11

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